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Welcome to Islamic Gnosis

The world today is overwhelmed with noise and unnecessary pollution of the mind, preventing us from reaching higher states of being. Moreover, many who attempt to pursue a meaning that is premised on a higher power - or something other - focus dearly on the outward expressions, disregarding the need for internal awakening, resulting in unbalance and unnecessary conflict with one's self and the world. Without sound knowledge and wisdom welded as one's instrument of action, self-development will stagnate.

IslamicGnosis aims to allow the catalysation of accessing knowledge and wisdom touched by the great sages of the past – both Muslim and non-Muslim (according to the conventional definition as adherents to the Islamic Creed) - through playing the role as a digital information platform. From the realms of the humanities to the social sciences, IslamicGnosis aims to alleviate the struggles in finding relevant articles, books or videos on topics and scholars who have mastered, touched, and articulated their transmissions of the truth.

Revolutionary truths are here, but the abundance of white noise surpasses it to significant effect. As the prophet, Muhammed stated: 'the possessors of knowledge and seekers of knowledge are the only two groups of any use to humanity.' What he is alluding towards is that by pursuing knowledge and yearning for specific truths, it allows one to tread the path of self-liberation, magnetising oneself and opening the heart towards a divine frequency of bliss.

These elements have been discussed rigorously and criticised heavily, throughout humanity, with highly advanced interlocuters holding sound minds, scholarships, and credentials; thus, providing a synthesis of knowledge that will touch the hearts of those open to change and truth. It must also be noted that involving oneself in such engagements are indeed a prerequisite for one to navigate the climate of 21st-century discourse without feeling lost, confused and submerged.

We hope you enjoy and profit from your experience on this platform, which is still an ongoing work in process. If you wish to learn more about us, or provide any feedback or to contribute in any way, please engage with the 'contact' section.